How do I get there?

The simplest way to arrive is by the free shuttle that departs from Jerusalem’s First Station, VIA Hevron road.
There is ample parking available and it is only a short ride to the City of David.
You can also choose to park in the Mamilla Parking Lot and walk through the Old City towards the Western Wall, which will take approximately 20 minutes.
A third option is to park in the First Station and walk through Mishkenot Sha’ananim and Mount Zion

Please note that shuttles displaying signs with the הללויה logo will be available for your convenience at the First Station.

Shuttles will depart every half hour beginning at 18:00. To avoid a late arrival, we recommend taking a shuttle at least 45 minutes before your scheduled show time.
The free shuttle service will be available to take you back to the First Station at the conclusion of the show.
Public transportation to the Old City is also available.

Please be advised that there is no private vehicle parking in the City of David.
Upon arrival, please visit our kiosk where you can purchase coffee and pastries and relax in the Kings’ Garden in the City of David National Park.
For additional information regarding transportation and ticket purchases, please call us at *6033

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